3 Common Diseases that Can be cured by Chewing Bitter Kola Regularly

Nature is filled with several beneficial plants but some of us are ignorant of the abilities of these medicinal plants. Some of these medicinal plants are very effective in curing diseases that many people are battling even the ones that may prove difficult to treat with modern medicine. An example of a powerful medicinal plant is Garcinia Kola popularly called bitter cola.

You might not know this, but bitter kola has been used for decades to cure several diseases including the dreaded incurable disease called diabetes.

Every part of bitter kola is used in traditional medicines, but the seeds are the most popular, they have a sharp bitter taste that turns sweet when chewing. In this article, I’ll like to enlighten you about some diseases that can be cured by eating bitter kola regularly according to WebMD.

1. Infections

Some persons do not know that infections that are left untreated for a long time start causing medical problems in the body. Bitter kola has been used over the decades to fight infections ranging from the common cold to hepatitis. Viral infections, bacterial infections, and fungal infections have been studied to be easily treated by bitter kola

2. Inflammation

As we grow older our risk of having inflammatory conditions like arthritis also increases. People suffering from this disease can tell you about the pains they have to deal with every day. However, chewing bitter kola can help treat inflammations because bitter kola contains a high level of potassium.

3. Diabetes

Even with recent medical research, the cure for diabetes has not yet been found, this disease can only be managed. However, bitter kola has been found to reduce high blood sugar levels found in type 2 diabetes. You can make a bitter kola drink and take it regularly to reduce your blood sugar

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