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3 Vegetables that can CLEAR the EYES & CLEAR of body infections when ingested

We all know that the eyes are among the organs in the body that need a lot of care and attention because they are made up of cells and other components that work together to make us see things around us clearly, but like every other organs in the body, they are also susceptible to Infections from germs and damages from toxins which can impact them badly and hinder them from being effective in their ability to detect, receive, and send light signals to the brain, which interprets the things the eyes captures or sees. However, there are some vegetables that can purge the eyes and clear out infections when ingested regularly due to the powerful chemical compounds they contain which can address and destroy toxins and germs that enters the eye cells through the blood vessels, and clears out infections from them. According to MedicalNewsToday & WebMD, the vegetables are briefly discussed in the paragraphs below.

1. Spinach is a vegetable that is loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and a wide range mineral substances that are not only good for the body and it’s internal components, but also help purge the eyes of toxins and germs, and clears out infections that can damage them.

2. We all know that sweet potatoes is very rich in fibres that can readily dissolve in body fluids during digestion, and it’s responsible for inhibiting the rapid absorption of sugar into the bloodstream which if present in the blood vessels of the eyes can damage the eye cells. In addition, sweet potatoes are loaded with a high proportion of antioxidants and minerals like potassium which not only stabilize blood pressure but also purge the eyes, destroys toxins, and clear out infections.

3. Onions is a vegetable that can purge the eyes and clear out infections because it contains powerful antioxidants, eye-friendly chemicals, and minerals that help to cleanse the eyes and get rid of harmful substances that can damage it’s important components. When you cut onions, it’s powerful substance invade the eyes and triggers the release of tears which also help in cleaning your eyes.

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