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6 Causes of Enlarged Heart and symptoms that you will notice.

Enlarged heart is a condition that occurs when your heart becomes bigger than its normal size. The medical term for this is Cardiomegaly. Enlarged heart increases your risk of having heart failure or stroke A verified health site, Clevelandclinic shared the different that causes enlarged heart.


Below are the causes

1. Hypertension could cause enlarged heart to occur. This happens because of the high blood pressure increases the pumping rate of your heart, thereby resulting in heart enlargement.


2. Anemia could cause enlarged heart due to the limited amount of red blood cells in your body.


3. Arrhythmia.

When you have Arrhythmia, your heart rhythm will change. This creates pressure which makes your heart to enlarge.


4. Congenital heart disease could also cause enlarged heart.


5. Heart valve disease.

When you have heart valve disease, the valves in your heart will not function properly. This will then cause pressure in your heart.


6. Thyroid disease could also cause heart enlargement to occur.

When you have an enlarged heart, there are some symptoms you will notice.

Below are the symptoms.

1. Edema.

This is a condition that occurs due to effects of enlarged heart. You will experience swelling in your legs, feets or abdomen.

2. You could experience dizziness, tiredness and low energy levels.

3. Shortness of breath could occur.

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