7 Ways You Can Contract HIV/AIDs without having Sex.

Until now, AIDS is still considered as one of the deadly and frightening diseases, besides cancer of course. Because as it is known that the life expectancy of AIDS sufferers is arguably thin. Moreover, the stigma about AIDS disease is still negative.

Well, by having good knowledge about AIDS, then you can avoid it. One of them is the way AIDS is transmitted. There are several misconceived opinions about the transmission of the AIDS virus. One of them is through mosquito bites. Even though this opinion is completely untrue. Mosquitoes cannot be an intermediary for HIV-AIDS transmission.

In addition, it is believed that AIDS can only be transmitted through penetration intercourse. But there are some unexpected things that allow the transmission of AIDS. Here are some of them, according to Webmd.


Although the chance is very low, the AIDS virus can still be transmitted through kissing. How? If you kiss a patient who has thrush or has an open wound on the lips. This is because the virus can be transmitted through blood or body fluids from infected people. So, be careful!

Unsterilised medical instruments

When you are having a medical check-up or surgery, make sure that the medical tools used are sterile from various viruses and infections. Because if certain needles, scalpels, or dental tools were previously used on people infected with AIDS and not properly cleaned, then you are at high risk too!

Tattoos or piercings

Do you want to get a tattoo or piercing? Ask your tattoo artist to use a new needle. Because used needles can put you at high risk of getting AIDS or other terrible diseases.

Sharing shaving tools

Apart from shaving tools, you should also not share toothbrushes. Especially with people infected with AIDS. This is because these items can contain small amounts of the infected person’s blood which can then enter your body through open wounds.

Oral Intercourse

Oral intercourse can also transmit the AIDS virus even if no penetration occurs. Many people feel that AIDS can only be transmitted through penetration. But in fact when you perform oral and one of you is infected with AIDS and has open wounds in the mouth or genitals, the partner still has a high risk of getting AIDS.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Mothers with the HIV virus are at risk of transmitting the disease to their newborns, especially if the mother goes through drug withdrawal or does not continue HIV treatment.

HIV/AIDS can be controlled. If you take regular medication, you are no longer sick, you are not hospitalised, you can get married and have children, and the children are not infected. The problem is that some people drop out. Well, that’s dangerous.


People who use drugs are very vulnerable to contracting HIV. Especially, narcotics that are channelled through the use of needles.

Using needles interchangeably is prone to disease transmission. So, say no to drugs.

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