a guy with a couple felonies was hired by a trucking company… and when he damaged their rig, he decided to hide it in something big. Lake Superior

Anthony Bowles damaged a semi-truck, ditched it in Lake Superior and then tried to report the incident to Manheim Milwaukee in Raymond.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office will be filing charges against 36 year old Bowles for theft of moveable property greater than $10,000 and criminal damage to property. Bowles was found at Manheim Milwaukee in Raymond Wisconsin to “document information about the semi-truck involved in the incident,” the complaint reads.

Bowles denied being involved in ditching the semi in Douglas County. But a surveillance video showed that him involved in the Douglas County incident.

He told them he ran because he did not want to go back to jail. Bowles criminal record includes: a felony embezzlement charge out of Michigan, felony complicity charge out of Kentucky, several misdemeanors, theft by deception, and theft by unlawful taking/disposition, according to the criminal complaint.

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