Avoid Eating At Night In Order To Get Sound Sleep

According to an article written by Jullian Kubala of healthline, I will educate you on some foods you need to avoid eating each time you are about to go to bed in order to get sound sleep.

1. Foods and drinks containing caffeine

Coffee is taken by many people as quick-energy foods and drinks. Studies have shown that consuming caffeinated beverages and foods such as soda, coffee, caffeinated tea and caffeine chocolate products can keep you up at night.

2. Fats

Fatty foods including fried chicken and red meat may disrupt your sleep. While you’re sleeping, your digestive system naturally slows down, so if you eat something particularly fatty before bed, you may end up with stomach pain.

3. Alcohol

One common way to unwind before turning in is with a nightcap. An increasing number of people are turning to alcohol as a means of getting to sleep. Studies show that drinking alcohol before bed reduces the quality of sleep and can keep you up later in the night if you’re trying to relax or fall asleep.

4. Spicy foods

There are a number of reasons why a spicy meal eaten close to bedtime could keep you awake. Acid reflux and heartburn can be made worse by eating spicy meals. Some studies have shown that consuming spicy foods in the hours leading up to bedtime can raise core body temperature and make it difficult to fall asleep. Evidence suggests that a rise in core body temperature causes sleep disruptions.

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