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Bobby Green of Old Crow Speed Shop has a cool short wheel base 1922 Overland – Whippet

Outfitted with a four-cylinder Whippet engine, its streamlined “speedway” body was made by Faultless, and it rides on a narrowed Overland frame.

so he fixed it up and brought it to the 2015 Race of Gentlemen

He co-owns and produces the annual Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey and is the co-founder of the nightlife company 1933 Group (named in honor of the year Prohibition was repealed), Green creates bars that also hark back to America’s past, like Sassafras, a Savannah, Georgia, townhouse he turned into a jazz-era cocktail lounge and plunked down in the middle of Hollywood. He splits his time between 1933 ventures–its eight bars took in $13 million last year–and his Old Crow Speed Shop, where he stores more than two dozen cars and motorcycles and a trove of auto­motive memorabilia.

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