The club should be careful about meeting Martinelli’s £200,000 demands.

Unlike so many clubs around Europe and the world, Arsenal have always maintained a very strict and tight rein on their finances right from the start and have maintained it down to this day, unlike so many clubs around Europe and the world that are more flexible when it comes to their wages. It’s even one of the major reasons why players leave the club too often. However, it will be in the interest of Arsenal of late to be careful about offering Saka and Martinelli so huge a contract to the detriment of their wage structure. What is Arsenal’s wage structure and why do they need to be more careful not to offer Saka and Martinelli huge contracts? The following paragraphs address these questions.

Arsenal’s wage structure has always been linked to the club’s transfer and contract operations. It is a system implemented by Arsenal as a football club to regulate the level of wages paid out each year. What this means is that they (Arsenal FC) will have a predetermined budget to work within, and their wages will be paid accordingly. The top stars, who have been with the club the longest, will receive the highest weekly wages, while the younger, less well-known players will be placed lower on the list.

That is why coaches such as Arsene Wenger and George Graham are always aware of and in sync with what Arsenal paid to players during their tenure as Arsenal coaches. The system has always been in place and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere anytime soon.

Unlike during the George Graham era, Arsenal’s time was a bit loose on it as he had players who on arrival had bumper contracts so huge that it almost worked against the club. However, Wenger did manage to make good use of the wage structure in such a way that he tried to create harmony within the team.

Arsene Wenger’s ideology was not to have anyone’s wages be so far away from the biggest earner, thus reducing the gap and also, as he doesn’t want anyone among the players, especially those earning lower, to hold any grudges.

Regardless, it is the wage structure that Mikel Arteta and Arsenal were bringing under control when they offloaded Mesut Ozil, who was already on astronomical figures, and very recently, Aubameyang. Because with such huge figures, it becomes practically impossible to move these players to interested clubs, as they would be reluctant to match their wages in the case where a player needs to be sold or loaned out. And it does create a big problem.

Everyone knew the messy situation Arsenal were in a few seasons ago, with too many underperforming players needing to be sold, yet clubs were not forthcoming, and for that, Arsenal were unable to compete in the transfer market. And it did affect Arsenal negatively, leading them to finish outside of the Europa League zone twice in a row.

The current Arsenal wage structure shows that Thomas Partey and Gabriel Jesus are the highest earners, with £200,000 and £265,000-per-week respectively. They are being followed by Oleksandr Zinchenko, who earns around £150,000-per-week, Ben White on £120,000-per-week, Kieran Tierney on £110,000-per-week, and Granit Xhaka, who earns £100,000-per-week. The rest of the squad earn below the £100 a week mark, including Club Captain Martin Odegaard, who earns around £79,038 per week, according to Mirror UK.

Meeting Gabriel Martinelli rather high demands of around £200,000 per week would put them on par with Thomas Partey as Arsenal’s second highest-paid players, and even ahead of new signing Zinchenko. Reports from the Daily Mail shows that Martinelli’s camp are insisting and asking for £200k for their asset. Though, I believe negotiations are ongoing.

Should this happen, Arsenal will be in for it. In fact, looking at the wage structure currently and the payment roster, it is very clear that Arsenal will have a lot of negotiating to do over the coming months. Because whether we like it or not, every player at Arsenal is giving their all at the top right now, and should Arsenal agree to the £200k figure for Gabriel Martinelli, I believe it won’t be long before Saka, Saliba, who earns around £30,000-£40,000, starts itching for something in the region of £200k as well, considering that Saliba has been one of the standout players for Arsenal this season and is also nearing the end of his contract .

Arsenal needs to be careful with the demands the camp of Martinelli are asking for. Otherwise, they will be making the same mistakes that caught them off guard a few seasons ago. May that never be.

Players weekly Wages data Source: Mirror

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