Foods That Have negative Effects On Your Sexual Health When Taken Excessively

Food and s£x have always had a complicated relationship. Perhaps as complicated as today’s romance.


Taking your partner out for dinner is considered a relatively safe, ‘classic’ dating method. Whereas making dinner in your own home can make a much more positive impression.


But just like in relationships, s£x and food don’t always get along. There are some foods that, when consumed, can actually damage your passion for your partner.


Therefore, if you don’t want your date or relationship to be ruined after dinner, you should avoid cooking or consuming some of these foods. Reporting from Healthline, there are ten foods that can kill your passion.


1. Cheese

While cheese can be a classy way to get your mate’s attention on a date, it can also be the ticket to feeling passionless.

Some of the hormones in dairy products, such as cheese, can mess up a person’s hormones, be it estrogen or testosterone. Of course, when hormones are messed up, arousal will be weakened.

2. Mint Leaves

Forget the good intentions of making mint leaves your go-to candy before kissing. The menthol content in mint leaves will reduce testosterone which certainly affects sexual desire.

To keep your mouth fresh, try foods with a fruity aroma, to keep your libido fresh.

3. Corn Cereal

The inventor of corn cereal, John Harvey Kellog, was convinced that sweet or spicy foods could inflame desire.

The way to suppress libido is with bland foods, such as sugarless cereal.

It is not known what the reason for Kellog’s ‘cruel’ perception is. It’s just that it’s impossible if he creates cereals with bland flavours in order to kill the sexual desires of his consumers.

Most likely, cereals can kill desire because of the carbohydrates and grains in them.

4. Coffee

Planning to stay up all night to make out with your partner, coffee is definitely not the answer. If coffee makes you jittery, then you shouldn’t drink it before sex.

People who are sensitive to caffeine will experience a sense of restlessness, which can ultimately reduce sex drive.

5. Chocolate

You might be surprised by the inclusion of chocolate products on this list. Of course, chocolate has long been recognised as an aphrodisiac.

While its ability to increase sex drive applies to women, it’s not the same for men. In fact, chocolate can actually lower testosterone levels and drastically reduce men’s sex drive.

6. Microwave Popcorn

Spending time with your partner watching a film on Netflix at home will require you to prepare some kind of snack. Buying popcorn that can be cooked at home is best avoided.

Not only for the sake of your sex life, but this food also triggers several health problems. Chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid are found in popcorn bags.

Not only does it kill your libido, but there are long-term effects that can cause prostate problems for men.

7. Fried Foods

Eating fried snacks before sex is considered to be sabotaging your own love life. That’s because fried foods or foods that have a high fat content can make one feel tired and sluggish.

Of course, that’s not very sexy. Even worse, hydrogenated fats and oils can suppress a man’s testosterone levels.

8. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol may give one the confidence to signal an invitation to make love to their partner. However, the height of courage is not proportional to the ability of sex afterwards.

Alcohol is known to lower testosterone levels and limit the sexual function of men, as well as women.

9. Sweet Root Candy

Skip this snack if you’re planning a night out with your partner after the cinema.

Given the natural glycyrrhizin content in the candy, consuming the candy known as licorice will suppress libido and lower testosterone levels.

10. Diet Soda

It’s well known that drinking diet soda is just as bad as drinking regular soda. Eating and drinking products with artificial sweeteners, specifically aspartame, can directly affect your serotonin levels, a vital hormone that affects both female and male libido.

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