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HIV/AIDS Symptoms in Children that You Need to Know

HIV/AIDS is still one of the major health issues in the world.

Not only in adults, HIV/AIDS can also occur in children. What are the symptoms of HIV in children?

HIV positive children are usually infected from their parents. The virus is transmitted during labour from mother to baby.

Quoting Medical News Today, exposure to the virus can occur in utero, during labour, or breastfeeding.

HIV treatment in children is generally the same as adults, namely by administering antiretroviral therapy.

However, infants with severe HIV infection have a risk of death in the first few months.

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, disrupting the body’s ability to fight infection.

Symptoms of HIV in Children

There are several symptoms of HIV in children that are important to know. They range from mild to severe.

Quoting Healthline, babies may not have obvious symptoms at first. As the immune system weakens, babies with HIV may begin to notice some of the following signs:

– lack of energy;

– impaired growth and development;

– persistent fever and sweating,

frequent diarrhoea;

– enlarged lymph nodes;

– recurrent or prolonged infections;

– weight loss.

HIV symptoms vary from child to adolescent. Children and teenagers may have symptoms like the following:

– skin rash;

– mouth thrush;

– frequent vaginal yeast infections;

– enlargement of the liver or spleen;

– lung infections;

– kidney problems;

– memory and concentration problems, and

benign or malignant tumours.

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