How to treat DEPRESSION

A young lady narrated to BBC News what she passed through while battling with depression. The young lady who didn’t reveal her face or mention her name said that she was depressed for years without being able to tell anyone around her about it.

The lady said that she looked fine and alright, but inside her, she was dying slowly. She was always suicidal, and always thought of going to bed without waking up. She said that any time she goes to bed, she always wishes she never wakes up the next day.

Whenever anyone asks her what’s wrong with her, she always says that she’s fine, even when it is obvious that she’s passing through a lot of things. By the grace of God, she summoned courage and visited her doctor, she told him about her mental health and how she’s been depressed for the past years.

Her doctor guided her and gave her some drugs that will help her get better. Her doctor started giving her advises, and tips on what to do to get rid of depression. If not that she opened up to her doctor, she might have committed suicide and been dead today. She was able to get rid of depression from her life completely through the help of her doctor.

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