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Looks like Planes 3 is in the works

There isn’t any images of video to show you, I can only tell you what they showed us on the big screen in Hall D23

A fighter jet, maybe an F22 Raptor, is flying fast and low, afterburner on, just dozens of feet above the desert floor, zipping along from the great desert to a mountain range, when it gets joined by another similar fighter jet

Then the pair of them are flying side by side, and you finally can tell they animated in the style of the movie Planes

Then the scene changes to an SR 71 in the highest levels of the atmosphere, and it looks down, seeing half the western desert under it all the way to the for horizon.

Then it accelerates and descends rapidly, heading toward the fighter jets

the scene changes back to the fighter jets, zipping along low and fast

back to the Blackbird, swooping like a peregrine, at speeds un-imagineable by mere fighter jets – and the engine pods are adapting to the higher speeds, the higher atmospheric pressure, the center cone retracts, the flame vortex out the back growing longer and hotter

and then back to the pair of fighters, at what now doesn’t seem quite so fast a speed, and in the distant background the exhaust con trail of the Blackbird drops down out of the upper atmosphere, and with a sonic boom or two it’s suddenly blowing past them at a ridiculously high speed that makes it barely visible to the pair of Raptors before it’s gone into the distance ahead of them.

they seem to have called this 20 second to 30 second clip, “Speed Test”

here is what Disney Animation has to say officially:

The theatrical feature film will explore the future of aviation—taking moviegoers to the edge of discovery in the air—and beyond.

Lasseter told us in the panel that the team at Disneytoon Studios has been working really hard to create a new film to celebrate the next horizon and the progress we’ve made to push towards the furthest edges of aviation. Lasseter said, “To give you a taste of where we’re going with this, we’ve created a piece we’ve simply called the speed test.”


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