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My double chin made me a TikTok star: ‘The reaction was crazy’

My double chin made me a TikTok star- ‘The reaction was crazy’

That’s what TikToker Rachel Spicer did. Now, she pokes fun at her biggest insecurity — a double chin — for her 1.9 million followers’ enjoyment.

The 24-year-old from Falkirk, Scotland, told Jam Press that she used to contort her face when she felt awkward in pictures.

“Then I started showing my chin off more on TikTok with random sounds that then started the chin dance,” she said. “The reaction was crazy, I had never seen my phone blow up like that before.”

In one recent video, now with over 111 million views, Spicer throws her makeup brush aside and does the “chin dance” to Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” bobbing her head forward and backward for a multiple-chins effect.

“I absolutely love my chin, it’s a part of me and showing it off led me to accept my body for the way it is,” Spicer told Jam Press.
Jam Press Vid/@rachelspicer_
Rachel Spicer
The 24-year-old said she started contorting her face when she felt awkward taking photos.
Jam Press Vid/@rachelspicer_

Viewers called her performance “beautiful” and “powerful.”

“How do u do that,” asked one in the comments, to which Spicer replied, “Magicccc.”

“The way my jaw dropped,” another claimed.

Said one armchair art critic, “This is the definition of modern art 10/10.”

“When I started doing regular content and telling people to love your chin, the response was so positive — I started getting comments and mails about helping people with their insecurities,” told Jam Press.

Rachel Spicer on TikTok
“The reaction was crazy, I had never seen my phone blow up like that before,” Rachel Spicer said of her chin-dancing TikToks.
Jam Press/@rachelspicer_
Rachel Spicer
Viewers who leave insults in the comments inspire Rachel Spicer to make even more funny videos, she claimed.
Jam Press/@rachelspicer_

“It then blew my mind how many people really are insecure of their round face and double chin — I mean, we’re talking about a chin,” she continued. “I thought it was crazy how a chin could affect so many people’s confidence.”

Of course, Spicer gets her fair share of haters — “how is this funny to y’all,” one user commented on the Jackson video — but she owns their comments by creating more videos inspired by those insults.

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