Osama Bin Laden’s Body Was Thrown into the Sea Rather than Buried on Land

The world ’s most famous terrorist Osama Bin Ladin was eliminated in 2011 by Seal Team Six, a unit of US Special Forces.

Although many individuals initially disputed the idea that the Al Qaeda leader was killed by the US government while former President Barack Obama was in office, they were forced to accept it as time went on.

I’ll explain why Osama bin Laden was buried at sea rather than in a tomb on land in this article:

Osama’s tomb would have been a major tourist attraction, and his fans would have flocked to it if he had been buried on land.

A US official claimed in a story on the Cable Network News (CNN) website that since john had such a horrible reputation for killing so many people, no country would agree to bury his remains, hence it was safe to bury his remains at sea.

Furthermore, despite the fact that doing so is against Islam, many terrorists with ties to him would have used his cemetery as a safe haven for radical Islamists.

There had also been some allegations that it wasn’t the real Osama that was buried at sea, but DNA evidence indicates that he was the one who was killed and buried at sea.

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