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Phyna Tells Groovy That Chomzy Is Still Into Him – BBN

Phyna has recently had a conversation with Groovy about Chomzy following the round table discussion they had with her and some of their fellow housemates (Eloswag, Chichi and Sheggz) during their movie date night in the level 3 house.

Chomzy initially brought up Beauty’s issue with Groovy last night and tackled both Phyna and Groovy for bonding with each other in less than a week after Beauty was disqualified.

However, the housemates came back from their movie date night earlier today and Phyna spoke about the series of events that took place last night between herself, Groovy and Chomzy.

From Phyna’s analysis, Phyna saw Chomzy’s opinions from a different perspective, and told Groovy that Chomzy is still into him. She further stated that Chomzy was pained Groovy did not move to her instead, and was just pouring out her mind yesterday. Phyna explained that Chomzy is not really into Eloswag and Eloswag himself is sensing it.

As she spoke at length with Groovy, she also explained how Chomzy’s talks ended up causing a little problem between her (Chomzy) and Eloswag because they became a bit cold towards each other following the argument.


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