How to Remove Smoke From Your Lung

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According to Healthline”, Smoking can result in lung infection by damaging your airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) found in your lungs. Lung infections caused by smoking comprise COPD, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smoking results in most cases of lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes can have many adverse effects on the body. Some of these can lead to life-threatening complications. Smoking boosts a person’s risk of cancer, heart disorder, stroke, and lung disorder. However, what you eat or drink can either affect your lung or keep them healthy. Here, are the 2 drinks you should consume to flush out smoke from your lung and keep it healthier.

1. Lemon Juice

Fruits like lemon are good sources of vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C assists to boost our immunity and fight against respiratory diseases. Recent surveys inferred that fruits rich in vitamin C reduce wheezing in children and improve lung function and breathing in COPD patients. Since lemons can gels reduce the effect of asthma triggers on the lungs and also help reduce inflammation and mucus, they could be considered an effective natural remedy for the disease which can remove smoke from your lung.

2. Honey

It’s believed that the sweetness of honey triggers your salivary glands to produce more saliva. This may lubricate your airways, easing your cough. Honey may also reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes (airways within the lungs and assist break up the mucus that is making it hard for you to breathe and remove every harmful substance from the lung.

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