State With The Highest Number Of Universities In Nigeria

The PUNCH reported that Ogun State has the most universities in Nigeria. This is indicated by information obtained from the National Universities Commission.

One of the most crucial areas of Nigeria is the educational system, according to many people. This is a result of the country of Nigeria’s rapid population growth. There are a lot of young people in the nation, and many philosophers think that in order for them to succeed in life, they should have a strong educational foundation.

The NUC oversees activity in Nigerian universities, among other things by regulating things like course and institution certification.

According to the data, there are currently 219 universities in Nigeria, comprising 111 private universities, 59 state-owned universities, and 49 federal colleges.

According to The PUNCH’s study of NUC data, Ogun State is home to 13 private institutions, a federal university, two state-owned universities, and 16 certified universities.

In Delta State, which is ranked second on the list, there are 13 approved schools, including two federal universities and the Nigerian Maritime University. There are four state-owned institutions and seven private universities in the state.

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