the British Grand Prix this past weekend had 10 teams but 11 garages

That’s because at the front of the pitlane there was a place reserved for the ‘Cars’ film where the likes of ‘Lightning McQueen’ were on display next to the Sauber team.

Although the cars never made it out on track, the computer animated film’s voice actors were present including Owen Wilson, who voices McQueen, and Woody Harrelson, plus Lewis Hamilton of course, as he voiced the AI analyst for the character Cruz Ramirez who trains the Lightning McQueen character. In the other versions of the movie, the voice was provided by F1 stars Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, who voiced the same character in the German, Italian, and Spanish.

The Disney-Pixar produced film made its debut in the UK cinemas this past, so in a marketing move the stars of the film will attend Sunday’s race along with the film’s director and producer.


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