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Professor Femi Otubanjo Speaks on Why He think Atiku has the best chance to win the 2023 presidential election.

In an interview with Channels Television during the Sunrise Daily program, Femi Otubanjo, Professor of International Public and Security Studies, Nigeria Institute of International Affairs, gave reasons why he thinks Atiku has the best chance to win the 2023 presidential election.

According to Professor Femi Otubanjo,

“Atiku has the best chance to win the presidential race because politics in Nigeria is not about ideology. I can see him mobilizing the most in the North . Blood is stickier than water. I can see him succeeding fairly in the south, which is the PDP territory. “

“I don’t see Tinubu doing that. If Atiku should take the north over Tinubu and take the south-east and even struggle to take some of the south-west, that’s the danger. I don’t even trust that those who claim to be Tinubu’s supporters in the north now won’t later change. That is why the chances of Tinubu are slightly less than those of Atiku.”

Professor Femi Otubanjo had first established that, we only have three main candidates running for the presidency in 2023. He said that the challenge with the Labour Party is that they do not have structure. And for the APC, its challenge is that its presidential candidate can’t criticize the government by saying he will do things differently, so he has nothing to sell to Nigerians and that’s what gave Atiku a better chance.


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