Three Things About Antony Santos That Shows He Is A Great Player.

Ever since Antony Santos joined Manchester United from Ajax, he has continued to make a name for himself in the English Premier League. The Brazilian international has been one of the best players for Manchester United this season. Antony Santos did not need weeks or games to fit into Manchester United’s style of football.

Has continued to score goals for Manchester United, as he even scored on his debut game for Manchester United. The Brazilian is a great player who can fit into any team. In this article, we shall be taking a look at the three things about the Brazilian that show he is a great player.

1. He has eyes for goals; Antony Santos is one of the most prolific players at Manchester United this season. The former Ajax player has scored three goals for Manchester United in the English Premier League this season. There is every possibility that he will score more goals because he has eyes for goals. One thing that differentiates attackers is their ability to convert half-chances, and that is what Antony Santos does.

2. He has incredible skills; when you mention most skillful players in the English Premier League, Antony Santos will be among the first to be mentioned. He has a magical left foot, he can dribble pass his markers. When he has the ball on the right flank, defenders are always on their toes because they do not know what he’s up to. He has shown that he’s one of the best players in the game of football.

3. Passing into the box; there are a couple of players who do not pass the ball into the box as expected, but Antony Santos is not one of those players. Once he has the ball on the right flank, he penetrates to put the ball in the box as he releases the ball with speed. He is presently on the same level of Bukayo Saka of Arsenal when it comes to penetration and passes in the box.

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