Top 3 BEST Ways to Protect Your Joints as You Age.

The vast majority of people don’t pay any attention to their joints until they start to hurt. However, treatment for your joints is necessary before they start to produce discomfort that lasts over time. Prevention is always preferable to treating an existing case of joint pain. If you start taking care of your joints when you’re young, you can avoid some of the issues that might occur as you get older. These issues could have a significant impact on your mobility as well as your overall health. As you become older, here are three things you can do to protect your joints and the cartilage that keeps them functioning properly, as recommended by Healthline and the Cleveland Clinic.

1. Take control of your weight.

Your body’s weight is supported by your knees, thus they must be strong. It’s possible that being obese or overweight will have a very detrimental effect on them. If you are only 10 pounds overweight, MedicalNewsToday reports that the force that is placed on your knees increases by 30 to 60 pounds with each stride that you take. When compared to a moderate weight, having a high body mass index raises the risk of knee osteoarthritis by up to 4.55 times. Obesity is linked to both an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Diet and exercise can help you get your weight into a healthier range, which will improve your overall health.

2. Get in some exercise.

Exercise not only helps you build stronger muscles around your joints, but it also reduces the strain that carrying excess weight places on those joints. This helps to stabilize them and can protect them from any damage that might be done. You may elevate your heart rate and improve your endurance by participating in a variety of exercises, such as walking, swimming, and biking. According to Healthine, it can help you reduce some of the weight that may be causing additional strain on your joints while also improving your general level of fitness.

3. Give up smoking.

The use of tobacco products, including cigarettes and cigars, is linked to an increased risk of a number of ailments, including cancer and cardiovascular conditions. If you smoke, it could be bad for your joints. If you smoke, you’ll have increased inflammation throughout your body, which will make it more difficult for your body to recover from injuries and heal wounds.

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