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TOP Medical Conditions That Are Associated With Bone Cancer.

Bone cancer is a disease affecting the bones and can begin in any bone in the body, such as the long bones in the arms and legs or the pelvis. The cause of most bone cancers is unknown. Some of them have been linked to hereditary factors, while others are connected to previous radiation exposure.

According to mayo clinic, Some types of bone cancer occur primarily in children, while others affect mostly adults. Surgical removal is the most common treatment, but chemotherapy and radiation therapy also may be utilized.

Signs and symptoms of bone cancer include:

*Brittle bone


*Weight loss

*Bone pain

There is no scientific proof to what causes bone cancer, but scientists have found certain factors are associated with it. They include:

1. Paget’s disease

Paget’s disease of bone can increase the risk of bone cancer developing later. Paget disease most often strike older adults.

2. Overdose of radiation therapy

Exposure to large doses of radiation, such x-rays during radiation therapy for cancer, increases the future risk of bone cancer.

3. Inherited genetic syndromes

Some rare genetic syndromes passed from generations to offsprings increase the risk of bone cancer.

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