Truck weighing just over 560,000 pounds decided to use the interstates. There’s a small problem with that, it was discovered to have traveled 1/2 way through a state over 4 bridges that aren’t rated for that gross tonnage. How do you get it out of that state?

It would have crossed over 37 bridges not rated for it’s half million pounds, and wasn’t allowed to retrace it’s path over bridges it may have already damaged.

So it sat in impound for a couple weeks while they figured out how to deal with the problem, and avoid using the I 95

The truck along with a police escort will follow a long route out of the state mostly back roads and less traveled routes.

As part of the agreement for a permit to finally get back on the road Bay Crane issued a $25 million insurance policy, will pay for the state police escort and will reimburse DOT $60,000 to cover the “unusual circumstances brought about by the unique nature of this incident.”

Bay Crane says RIDOT sought to have the company pay $150,000 to $185,000, which it called an “unreasonable request.”

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